Sven and Rogue Omen from Dota 2

Custom 4″ Kidrobot Munny.

A lot less metallic paint for this one, which is unusual for me (makes it harder to hide the imperfections, haha). 


Fiona Ng  is a toy designer and entrepreneur. By day, she is the co-founder of PianoVerse, a place for adult piano lessons in Queens, New York. By night, she is bringing life to little armored toy heroes and heroines.

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Hey! It’s Cande, and this is my first video playing violin. I’m sorry for any mistake. I’m still learning to play, and I liked this song from Dota 2 so I learned it by ear and tried to play it. Dota 2 players, violinists and anyone who loves music out there, please tell me if you like it, any comment will be very helpful!
Thank you! :)

I S2 Violin